Tile narratives


Here are links to writing that Dr Airey often displayed at exhibitions of her tiles, to help the viewer's understanding.

>> Parable of the sower

>> Parable of the Good Samaritan

>> Parable of the rich man and the beggar

>> Bartimmeus

>> The first disciples

>> Cure of the demoniac

>> Cure of Simon's mother-in-law

>> The potter's house

>> The wedding at Cana

>> He came by night

>> The woman at the well

>> The empty tomb

>> Mary Magdalene at the tomb

>> The Doubting Thomas

>> The meal at Emmaus

>> The parable of the great banquet

>> Martha and Mary

>> The rich young man

>> It was exactly as they had been told

>> Three times before cockrow

>> Two healing miracles

>> McCahon Essay on I am

>> From Shakespeare

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