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We supply batteries for off-grid and hybrid solar installations. Our batteries are Narada REXC series lead-carbon batteries designed for long life and high cycle counts.


Our main market are battery banks for the many off-grid houses, huts, lodges, yurts and sheds on the Coromandel Peninsula. We specialise in delivering batteries to hard to get to sites in the bush or along difficult tracks - anywhere where a 4WD ute can get but your normal carrier won't touch..

We supply 2 Volt batteries in capacities from 200 to 1200 Ah that can be linked to form 12V, 24V and 48V battery banks.  We can also supply the 6REXC 6 Volt 250 Ah batteries for those who need less capacity.

Our business has grown out of a small group of off-griders who balked at the prices being asked by other suppliers, and the poor performance of other lead-acid deep cycle batteries.   We started importing our own batteries directly and now make them available to others at prices that are hard to beat.

Pricing as at March 2018 - subject to change without notice.

REXC-600 - 2V lead-carbon 600 Ah   NZ$720 including GST

6REXC-200 - 6V lead carbon 250 Ah   NZ$760 including GST

Delivery free on the Coromandel Peninsula and by arrangement at cost throughout NZ.

Specifications of 2V and 6V batteries

REXC-600 - http://www.coromandel.com/resources/REXC-600.pdf

6REXC-300 - http://www.coromandel.com/resources/6REXC-300.pdf

For further information contact Peter Garden at batteries@coromandel.com