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Dr Rachel Garden lives in Snowdonia North Wales and the Coromandel in New Zealand. She also spends time sailing: across the North West passage in 2012 and in 2015 sailing from Scotland to Norway.


Rachel Wallace Garden

Rachel studied mathematics, logic and philosophy at Auckland University and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, before completing her Ph D at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Her book, Modern Logic and Quantum Mechanics was published by Adam Hilger in 1984.

In her latest paper a logic of many-valued modalities is derived from first principles, from two “truth-values” true and false and Boolean Laws of Thought. This logic can express contextual vague terms, fuzzy sets, and both classical and quantum probabilities, showing that these are all expressions of traditional reasoning, of logic in the old fashioned sense of this word.

You can download a copy of this paper here:

>> Truth and Possibility, the modal logic of classical and quantum probabiities (pdf: 2. MB)

In January 2016 Rachel presented some aspects of this work in a presentation at the conference in Auckland New Zealand, Frontiers of Non-classicality.

If you are interested in these topics feel free to email me, rachel at this website. My email address is on the paper.